Anthony F. Mannina
January 10, 1932 - May 15, 2018

Anthony F. Mannina

Anthony F. Mannina
Jan 10, 1932 - May 15, 2018

Anthony F. Mannina
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Anthony F. Mannina, 86, born January 10, 1932 passed away May 15, 2018. Son of Mildred and Jack Mannina, Anthony leaves wife of 44 years Wendy Kay, siblings late Jacqueline, Philippa (late Andrew), Catherine, and Elmer (Mimi), children Anthony (Eva), Tracy, Trent (Julie), 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.
Interment will be at a later date at Sarasota National Cemetary, Sarasota, Florida.

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Arrangements by Kays-Ponger & Uselton funeral Home and cremation services. Punta Gorda Chapel.

Linda Donahue on Aug 11, 2018

All his friends know that Tony was one of the funniest and most creative lawyers who ever graced a courtroom. But, what is so important was that he lit up our lives and inspired us in our pursuit of justice. Thank you, Anthony. Words cannot describe how you will be missed--but never forgotten. Requiem in pacem. Jack & Linda Donahue

Doug and Peggy Adams on Aug 5, 2018

I had the pleasure of having Tony in my family. He was always kind and had a great sense of humor. He had helped over the years to get us out of small situations with his expertise. He was always generous. His and my sister's was a love affair that movies are made of-so blessed he was a part of our lives.

Jeannie Blain on Aug 3, 2018

Dear Tony and Dear Wendy.....memories will never fade of your two beautiful smiles and always kind words (even to Petey doggie who loved to kiss your ankles when we would run into you both in the Vivante garage) . It was when Tony was by himself that he always, forever mentioned to me that he marveled at Wendy's care, kindness and strength. What a sunshine face … always a smile! For sure Tony is smiling at his Wendy from his next journey.....always!! Much love, Jeannie Blain

Joan Lynch on Jul 31, 2018

Oh, what happy memories I have of Tony and the Gang...there are too many "one-liners" to recall, but one I thought hilarious (and Wendy Kay you will appreciate this) is when Tony was with his lawyer buddies and they were talking about 401K Retirement Funds and Tony's retort was that he wasn't worried as he had his own "401-Wendy Kay". I'm only sorry that Tony and George couldn't have been with us longer, but I know they are Up There reveling in the knowledge that all their defedants get a Not guilty Verdict!!! We all miss you. Joan

Betty DeCarlo on Jul 31, 2018

So many memories of Skippy. He was always the center of the fun at a party. Anytime you were with him was a happy time. Love those pictures of the Christmas reunion lunches at Gene and Georgetti's. All the usual suspects, Bobby, Chuck, Vito, Jerry, Tony and Linda taking those pictures. Thank you for your friendship. Love you, Betty DeCarlo

Lisa Ventrella-Tucker on Jul 29, 2018

So many treasured memories I have of the times that Skippy and Kay have spent with our family. I have known Skippy since the day I was born, and what I'll remember most about him is his joyful laugh. I will treasure the memories of waiting for Skippy and Kay's arrival to our home in the the coolest cars, always bearing gifts, and delicious food. We were blessed to have his friendship. Lisa Ventrella-Tucker & Family

Pepper Mannina Lamela on Jul 28, 2018

My brother, was the best brother he knew how to be. I would call him and he would say " Hello, my beautiful sister" then "Pepper, depper what's up?" Wendy had him talk to me the day before he died " I reminded him of a poem he made up. His son Anthony and his cousins came in from playing, and Skip said " you ripped your shirt, you played in the dirt and you broke your old man's umbrella." He laughed and said "You remembered that?" He repeated it and laughed and said he had forgotten that story. The night he passed I kept hearing in my head " Me brudder, me brudder, he was like no udder. I love you "Sippy Doll"

Tony and Vicki Spradley on Jul 9, 2018

I never got the pleasure to meet you Tony, but to be honest I knew the man you were through Wendy. When she talked about you Tony, her face would light up and she would smile from ear to ear. One day Tony we will all meet you and what a glorious day that will be. Tony and Vicki Spradley

William J. Wylie on Jul 6, 2018

I have the pleasure of knowing Tony for over 50 years. Some of my favorite stories were when we were at a golf outing at John Carbon's condo. Tony was just getting over a hip replacement and he got up from a chair too quickly and fell on the floor, we all started to get up when Tony said "let the defendant pick me up". Another time, Tony had an office in my law office and he had his car parked in the back. Several of us went out together and someone said to Tony that is an unusual license plate number "1363" and Tony said, "that is my wife's age and mine". Tony, Jack Darrah, Joe Mirabella, Bonnie Wheaton, myself and many others to many to say all participated in "Judges Night" once a year when we would spoof some of the JUDGES. In fact it is still going on. Tony had a great singing voice and always telling jokes and was always the star of the show.
We will miss you. Bill Wylie

Amy Wuthrich on Jul 5, 2018

I had the great honor to have met and known Tony through his wonderful wife and my good friend Wendy. Tony was a wonderful man who loved and adored his wife. I remember talking to him just before he moved down to Florida and he told me how Wendy was the love of his life and how happy she made him. I know he made her very happy as well and if ever there was a couple who were true soul mates it was Wendy and Tony. I will miss you very much Tony. Rest in peace. Oh and please show Wendy where her keys are.

Mary Albrecht on Jul 5, 2018

Tony was the best friend and neighbor we could have ever imagined here at Vivante. He always greeted us with a wave, smile, or kind words. He was a wonderful man and will be missed by all those that were lucky enough to know him. Rest in peace dear friend.
Mary Albrech

Jennifer Adams on Jul 4, 2018

I have many memories of my Uncle Tony. He was an extremely knowledgeable man with a first rate sense of humor. He was kind hearted, generous, and patient. He was a gentleman. As long as I can remember observing the interactions between him and my aunt I will always recall the teasing and sincerity in his words to her. Everyday he would say "How's my beautiful girl?', "Good morning beautiful", or "My beautiful girl". Love. In the early am hours on the day Uncle Tony passed, I saw him in my dream. He told me he had to go and to not be sad and to celebrate his life. I woke up and stayed awake for over 2 hours. I agree with my aunt's belief that he was offering comfort. He let it be known that there is more for us all and that we will see our loved ones again. There couldn't be a bigger consolation than this.

Connie and Chuck Winkler on Jul 4, 2018

To my dear friend Tony, I know your going to keep them laughing in heaven,thanks for all the good times we had . Miss you, Chuck and Connie Winkler

Wendy Mannina on Jul 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July Tony. Babe

Joan Ellsworth on Jul 4, 2018

A neighbor for a short time. A smile, a wave, a greeting never imposing. If I had a problem (child's car seat or can't shut the water off) Tony was there. A problem solved, a smile a wave and "no problem Joanie".

Deva on Jul 4, 2018

What a special person Tony was, he was a good patient always trying to do what his loving wife ask him to do. Tony will be missed

Wendy Mannina on Jul 3, 2018

Your greatest gift to us all was when you told me about your "dream", and that you were in the most beautiful place in the world, you were out of pain, and that Kathryn, my mother, was waving to you! Thank you for the everlasting peace you confirmed for us. Thank you for being you. Xoxo Babe

Wendy Mannina on Jul 3, 2018

CandleTony, you told me of the beautiful place you saw in your "dream", told me you were out of pain, and that my mother, Kathryn, was waving at you. This is the greatest gift you could have given all of us. My love always. Babe



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Anthony F. Mannina

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