John I. Allison
John Phillip Alsten
Nicholas O. Andrews
Alfred W. Archer
Araceli Antig Austria
Mrs. Bessie L. Bair
Orville Louis Bakken
Charles Allan Balmat
Veronica Balsamo
Alfred F. Benkner
Marilyn M. Berard
Rosalie R. Bevins
Mildred Irene Bianche
Richard Biehl
Joyce D. Bienefeld
Teresa A. Birchfield
Margaret E Blackford
Shirley Ann Boczar
Heidi G. Bosco
Harvey H. Brandenburg Jr.
Priscilla Alden Jones Brooks
James Andrew Brown
Sandra Mae Brown
Madge M. Buehler
Mary Ellen Byrd
Ruth Ann Carpenter
Rita Jane Carroll
Gerald (Jerry) R. Chalmers
John T Clancey
Jack H. Clark
Lori A Colbert
Donald B Cole
John F. Conboy
Leslie E. Correll Sr
Herbert A. Cote
Roger V. Cox
Mr. Ivan G. Curtis
Mr. Donald E. Daniels
Janet M. Davidson
Felice "Felix" J. De Rosa
Joseph J. Dell'Orto
Marvin Demanzuk
Mr. James (Jim) Dixon
Brian A. Duarte
William Joseph Durasky Jr.
Audrey E. Eberly
Carson C Fincham
Sylvia Nila Flood
Marie Jose Flynn
Arthur M. Folaros
Donald Fournier
Charles Earl Fraser
Margaret N. Fugate
Wesley Charles Fuller
Shanna Patricia Furniss
Carmen ( Aunt Chick ) Gibson
Nicole Jeanne Gilbeau-Tague
Mr. Robert B. Goodrich
Alice Beachler Gordon
James Howard Granlund
Peter Hall
Sharon Davids Hammond
Norman Francis Harte Jr
Robert W. Hemmick
Robert C. Herkner
Antonin Hermann
Fred Manna Hill Sr
Edna Janette "Jan" Hocker
Sidney F. Holm
Alan F. Hornagold
Richard T. Hornyak
W. L. Irons
Hedy Pauline Jackson-Hood
Kelley M. Johns
Christy Johnson
Richard O. Joslyn
Richard K. Jung
Michael S. Kalman
John Michael Kelroy
Charles T. Klare
David Allen Knapp
Richard Raymond Kopsack
Frederick H Kroeger Sr
Kenneth L. Kuiros Sr.
Toni Kuntz
Frederick E. Larson
Madeline L. LeBlanc
Gordon E. Leon
Carol Ann Lewis-Maherg
Simos "Sam" Loukas
Mr. Robert J. Mangione
Maggie Masters
Mrs. Maryan M. Matherne
Ruth M. Matsinger
Henry C. McClanahan
Martha L. McCormick
Kealy A. McCurdy
William B. McDonald
Willie Mae McGee
Francine Mary McKenzie
Mary Jane Meagher
Paul B. Melsom
Dorothy T. Mercede
Addie Lucille Montgomery
Bradley James Murray
Georgia B. Neuses
Gerald (Jerry) A. Noda
Mary A. Nolan
Mellodye Ann O'Harrow
Norman P. Page
Angeline E Palazzolo
Lowell R. Palmes
Bruno Joseph Panetta
John J. Perry
Faith M Pirie
Herman L. Pittman Jr.
Raymond J Plante Jr
Bohdan "Bo" Popadiuk
Henry Rankin
Jacob Francis Reith
Earl Clayton Remen
Kaleb Sean Repp
Steven Alfred Ritzer
Richard "Dick" Somes Robinson
John Mark Rossetto
Mario D. Rossilli
Rosalie M. Rottman
Erik Rueff
Edward M. Saddow Jr.
Sophia Sanders
Eleanor Casella Santore
Richard M. Sardella
Walter R. Saunders
Jack R. Schoonover Sr
Donald Shawl
Joan Mary Warren Shepard
Sandra Sita
John D. Smythe
Eva Snyder
Mary Ann Spencer
Christine J. Starkus
Roslyn Stein
Robert Morse Stiffler
Sandra K. Stover
Bettie Stover
Bernard J. Streeter
Deloris M Surgeon
Douglas S. Swinamer Sr.
Jane Ann Tammen
Allyn C. Taylor
Thelma Teschko
Lovyne Miriam) Turner
Shirley Rose Van Patten
Lawrence Visovatti
Mr. Frank Vitale
Bruce Edward Ward
Pamela Sue Warren
Keith J. Webbe
John H. Weber
Jeff W. Wells
Valora Ann Wells
Dale E. Wiley
Cecil Nelson Wilks
Gale R. Williamson
William James Wilson
Frank Wotitzky
Bradley C. Younger
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Funerals serve an important purpose: they allow us to honor a special life lived. It is your final tribute, telling the story of a special life. We are here to support and guide you, either in planning services for a loved one or in designing your own unique farewell.

The Family of Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Homes and Cremation Services understands that every family is different. Influences such as religious and cultural traditions, financial issues, and personal preferences make each funeral as unique as the person remembered. Our funeral directors will guide you through the many options and details that make each service a personal, lasting tribute.

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