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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of someone you lost, in hope for someone you know is hurting, or just to send a comforting message to someone special.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the person you are remembering:

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2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

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3.  Pick a candle

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If you don't find the candles you are looking for, try browsing candles by letter. (Candles may be listed by first name)

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Listing of Candles

12926 lit candles

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   For Ronald   ~Lit by~ Missi, Tim, Bryan, Robyn and Carter

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ Steve Michel

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ Jim and Thelma Michel with prayers and love

   For Donald Joseph Smith  ~Lit by~ Jannis Mitchell

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ Jannis Mitchell

   For Donald Joseph Smith  ~Lit by~ Julie & Billy Carl

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ JUlia & Billy Carl

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ Danielle Dreher

   For Ronald   ~Lit by~ Linda Hronek

   For Donald Joseph Smith  ~Lit by~ Jaci Anderson

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ Jaci Anderson

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ Scott & Venita Trezise

   For Donald Joseph Smith  ~Lit by~ Agnes A. Smith

   For William Frank Radil  ~Lit by~ Shelley Moore and Tony Radil

   For Donald Joseph Smith  ~Lit by~ Tracey Wyatt

   For Jeremiah Ivan Backus  ~Lit by~ Mom with Love


   For thomas a jones   ~Lit by~ we love u tommy, Aunt Kim Uncle Paul Alexis and Austin

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ John & Betsy Fleming & The gang from The Parts Place ~<3~

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ Irene Lohr

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ Frank Rivers

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Sue Allen .. I love you all.

   For Paul A. Deveny  ~Lit by~ Mickey

   For Mary Alice King  ~Lit by~ The Staff at Lemon Bay Funeral Home

   For Thomas A. Jones II  ~Lit by~ Staff of Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Home

   For Paul A. Deveny  ~Lit by~ Laura

   For timothy j finnegan  ~Lit by~ francine & geo.becker

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Sandy Brennan

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Michael A. Brennan

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Don Tull

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Hayley A Lover of Finnegans

   For Paul A. Deveny  ~Lit by~ Mary, 'til we meet again

   For Ronald   ~Lit by~ Chenoa, Darell, Arianna, and Alexis

   For Ronald   ~Lit by~ Dan, Tara, Leo and McKayla Krolczyk

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Ryan, Shannon, Colleen and Charlie

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Your buddy Erin, and Scott

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Mike & Doreen

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Cari & Bruce Compton

   For Joseph Andrew Noel Spowart  ~Lit by~ Wendy, Rob, Shelby, Robby and Kaylee

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Ryan, Cristina & Mikaela

   For Ronald   ~Lit by~ Judy

   For Ronald   ~Lit by~ Krista, Jeff, Tadd, Josie, & Finn

   For Timothy John Finnegan  ~Lit by~ Glenn Pomerantz and the family and staff at Kays-Ponger Uselton Funeral Home

   For Terance Raymond Guellich  ~Lit by~ Steve Lange

   For Donald Joseph Smith  ~Lit by~ Helen & Ernie

   For Ronald   ~Lit by~ Ann

   For Donald Joseph Smith Sr  ~Lit by~ Scott & Venita Trezise

   For Ronald Ritchie  ~Lit by~ Laine & Tim

   For Donald Joseph Smith Sr  ~Lit by~ Debra Scott and the staff of Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Homes

   For Ronald   ~Lit by~ Joan

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