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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of someone you lost, in hope for someone you know is hurting, or just to send a comforting message to someone special.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the person you are remembering:

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2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

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3.  Pick a candle

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Listing of Candles

15318 lit candles

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   For Danny Cascio  ~Lit by~ our wonderful dear brother

   For gkaimxifho  ~Lit by~ GduoLTapBXt

   For Daniel J. Cascio  ~Lit by~ Loving, Lonely, Scared Wife Rosalie

   For jjvuntr  ~Lit by~ EYWkuaIDzdCAwPCfd

   For Jeffrey John Roman Sr.  ~Lit by~ Lisa Cors

   For Fusae Sieber  ~Lit by~ Glenn Pomerantz and thew family and staff at Kays-Ponger Uselton Funeral Home

   For Thomas M. Curtis  ~Lit by~ Daniel Hooker

   For Thomas M. Curtis  ~Lit by~ Zander, Landen & Easton

   For Danny Cascio  ~Lit by~ Lucy and Don

   For Daniel Cascio  ~Lit by~ your Sister & Brother, Lucy & Don

   For Daniel J. Cascio  ~Lit by~ Your deeply depressed wife without her soul mate

   For William E. Eley  ~Lit by~ Connie McNulty

   For John S. Nagy  ~Lit by~ Jill

   For very short skirts  ~Lit by~ BHWzbjJnhIWxw

   For very short skirts  ~Lit by~ ZvEKTDvT

   For replica designer handbags  ~Lit by~ gBDFTfwVSZtCWWK

   For replica rolex watches  ~Lit by~ VpknBrLVdGgYdDjohbf

   For Frank J. Lubinski  ~Lit by~ frank

   For Mary E. Lubinski  ~Lit by~ Tracy Lubinski

   For Mary E. Lubinski  ~Lit by~ Elaine miller

   For First dirt cheap airline tickets  ~Lit by~ dATwZvnFGB

   For First dirt cheap airline tickets  ~Lit by~ WqQsUcgTdOVJrt

   For percocet  ~Lit by~ NQRNabtvcCKg

   For percocet now  ~Lit by~ FYvLSqhrh

   For no credit check loans  ~Lit by~ YSfsVQWU

   For Robert S. Scott  ~Lit by~ Cynthia and Darlene

   For no credit check loans online  ~Lit by~ jPCThTFP

   For Real coach purses  ~Lit by~ mjsbwzgRyGTu

   For coach purses  ~Lit by~ OrthMqXzZqdE

   For fake coach purses  ~Lit by~ jghveFZjEDaPFvJQmI

   For fake coach purses here  ~Lit by~ XFLjMGblwmDO

   For high risk personal loans  ~Lit by~ IMnhtyyxZAuhl

   For All about high risk personal loans  ~Lit by~ qaIAYeEAgknKb

   For tax records copake new york online  ~Lit by~ OPFgNmEfjlakX

   For tax records copake new york  ~Lit by~ kNKKFdIYaaA

   For tax records copake new york online  ~Lit by~ vaGAnuCcrygEP

   For arthritis treatments here  ~Lit by~ ovHHBcMAHEJpMuRY

   For Only arthritis treatments  ~Lit by~ XOLXHQGOmDxQDiRbJE

   For arthritis treatments here  ~Lit by~ tSAWWJukBvbJt

   For Cheap buy soma  ~Lit by~ ETcXrbVRrh

   For buy soma information  ~Lit by~ XsFWuhNy

   For Cheap buy soma  ~Lit by~ yqyzobNzDgVhrwj

   For Robert Scott  ~Lit by~ Scott Martin

   For diflucan online  ~Lit by~ qZVFqDCfQxArr

   For diflucan online  ~Lit by~ WaQQpcxBJHHyjU

   For diflucan  ~Lit by~ vHKDxZnsUr

   For tax records copake new york  ~Lit by~ yTsgrJwRSIYcJ

   For tax records copake new york information  ~Lit by~ UiMylVrpTu

   For Real tax records copake new york  ~Lit by~ NErfaSjIyYjThRZuprh

   For diovan price  ~Lit by~ yqAipcbytefXanP

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